How To Spray Paint Towel Bars?

How To Spray Paint Towel Bars?

You’re about to embark on a creative journey to transform the look of your bathroom by spray painting your towel bars. Engaging in a simple DIY project, you’ll discover the basics of preparation, the actual process, and the finishing techniques that will leave your towel bars looking brand new. “How To Spray Paint Towel Bars” is the guide that will unlock your inner creativity and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

How To Spray Paint Towel Bars

Materials Needed

Before we dive into the process of spray painting your towel bars, it’s essential to gather all the necessary materials beforehand. You’d need:

Spray paint

Choose a spray paint that’s durable and suitable for the material of your towel bars. The color choice is completely up to you. You can match it to your overall bathroom theme or go for a contrasting shade for a pop of color.

Drop cloth or newspapers

A drop cloth or some old newspapers will come in handy to protect the surrounding area from getting unnecessary paint splatters.

Painter’s tape

This will help you to avoid painting areas that should not be painted. Painter’s tape is easily removable and doesn’t leave behind any marks or residue.


You’ll use sandpaper to remove any existing finish or rough surfaces on the towel bars to ensure the paint adheres well.

Cleaning supplies

Before you paint, the towel bars need to be clean. Use a mild soap and water solution, or you can opt for a household cleaner.

Protective gloves, Face mask, and Respirator mask

Since you’ll be working with spray paint and primer that release fumes, it’s crucial to consider your safety. Wear protective gloves, a face mask, and a respirator mask to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Paint primer

A paint primer serves as an undercoat that allows for better adherence of the paint. It also adds to the longevity of the paint job.


Let’s get started with the first steps of bringing a new look to your towel bars!

Choose a well-ventilated area

Safety first! Always work in a well-ventilated area when spray painting to avoid inhaling harmful fumes. An outdoor setup would be ideal, but if that’s not possible, an open garage or a large room with open windows will suffice.

Cover the surrounding area

Lay down your drop cloth or old newspapers around your working area to protect the floor and other items from paint.

Clean the towel bars

Clean the towel bars thoroughly. Remove any dirt, grime, or oil, as these can prevent the paint from adhering properly. Just make sure the bars are dry before you move on to the next step.

Remove any existing paint or finish

If the towel bars already have a finish or paint, you need to remove it with sandpaper. This ensures a fresh, clean surface for your new paint job.

Sand the towel bars

After that, sand the entire surface of the towel bars to roughen it up a bit. This helps the primer and paint adhere better.

Apply painter’s tape

Apply the painter’s tape to any areas that you don’t want painted. This is particularly useful if the towel bars are mounted and you want to protect the surrounding wall or tiles.

Wear protective gear

Finally, put on your protective gear. This consists of gloves to protect your hands, a face mask to prevent inhalation of paint particles, and a respirator mask for additional protection against fumes.

Priming the Towel Bars

Now that we’re done with preparations, let’s move on to priming, which is a crucial step in achieving a durable and high-quality finish.

Select an appropriate primer

Choose a primer suitable for the material of your towel bars and the type of paint you’ll be using. Consult with your local paint store if in doubt.

Shake the primer can

Shaking the can helps mix the contents well. Follow the instructions on the can regarding how long you should shake it.

Spray a light coat of primer

Position the can approximately 10 to 16 inches away from the towel bar and apply a light coat of primer. Remember to use short, sweeping motions while spraying to get a uniform coat.

Allow primer to dry

After applying the primer, give it ample time to dry completely. Drying times can vary, so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sand the primed surface

Once dry, lightly sand the primed surface to get rid of any drips or uneven spots, then clean off the dust before proceeding to the next step.

Clean the primed surface

Wipe away any dust or debris from sanding. This gives a clean canvas for the paint to stick on.

Painting the Towel Bars

You’re now ready to paint the towel bars. Here’s how:

Choose the desired spray paint color

Select your desired spray paint color. Make sure it’s compatible with the primer and suitable for the material of your towel bars.

Shake the spray paint can

Like with the primer, shake the paint can well before using.

Spray a light and even coat of paint

Use the same technique as with the primer – keep the can at a suitable distance and use short, sweeping motions to spray a light and even coat of paint on the bars.

Allow the paint to dry

Give the paint enough time to dry before evaluating if you need additional coats. Rushing this process might result in a less durable finish.

Apply additional coats if needed

If the color isn’t looking as vivid as you’d like or you can still see the primer underneath, go for a second coat. Remember to let each coat dry before adding another.

Remove painter’s tape carefully

Once you’re satisfied with the coverage and the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the painter’s tape.

How To Spray Paint Towel Bars

Finishing Touches

You’re almost done! It’s time to close this project with some final touches.

Inspect for any missed spots

Check your painted towel bars properly for any missed spots or uneven areas.

Touch up any imperfections

If you find any imperfections or missed spots, touch them up with some more paint.

Add a protective top coat

For an extra layer of protection and to increase the life of your paint job, you can add a protective top coat. Let this dry thoroughly.

Reattach the towel bars

Once the top coat is dry, your towel bars are ready to be put back in their place.

Clean up the area

With everything done, it’s time to clean up. Pack away your tools, fold up the drop cloth or dispose of the used newspapers, and return any other items back to their places.

Tips and Warnings

Finally, here are a few tips and warnings for your spray painting project:

Choose a durable spray paint

For a long-lasting job, go for high-quality, durable spray paint. This might cost more but it will be worth it in the long run.

Practice spraying on a test surface

Before you spray on the towel bars, test out the spray paint on a piece of cardboard or any other unneeded surface. This helps you to get comfortable with the application process and short bursts technique.

Avoid spraying too close or too far

Both spraying too close and spraying too far can result in an uneven finish. Follow the distance guidance provided on the paint can.

Avoid overspray

To avoid overspray, use slow, controlled movements when spraying and just spray a light coat at a time.

Read and follow the instructions on the paint cans

Always read and follow the instructions on the paint cans. This ensures safety and the best possible result.

Work in a well-ventilated area

Working in a well-ventilated area is crucial to avoid inhaling harmful fumes from the paint.

Do not rush the drying process

Give the primer, paint, and top coat enough time to dry completely before moving to the next step. Rushing this process could damage your hard work.

Dispose of used materials properly

Following local regulations, make sure you dispose of used materials properly. Do not pour leftover paint down the drain or in outdoor areas.

With these steps and tips, you’re well-prepared to tackle the project of spray painting your towel bars. Enjoy the process and the satisfaction of a job well done!

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